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Local 684 Employers Enjoy:

1.)  A pool of readily available, high quality, pre-screened workers:

                    All applicants are checked for current electrical licenses appropriate to the work being performed.

          Apprentices, Journeymen, Foremen and General Foremen are dispatched by the Union Hall.  Apprentices have the best instructors and facility available in the State.  Journey level workers and above have constant access to Journeyman upgrade classes.

          All applicants are accountable to the IBEW Code of Excellence.

2.)  Manpower availability:

          Workers are available for short term and/or long term employment as needed for jobs.  This allows employers an easy way to bid larger jobs and hire workers for short term to meet customer demands.

3.)  Right of Refusal:

          Local 684 does not have any seniority provisions.  While we do dispatch off the top of the Book and work our way down, the employer does not have to accept any given applicant. 

4.)  No Strike, no lockout clauses in all standard construction agreements.

5.)  Very progressive Labor-Management Relations:

          NECA and IBEW work together closely in all aspects of the electrical industry.  The Employer runs their business; Local 684 supplies the manpower.

Contact us at (209) 524-5171 for a Letter of Assent Information Sheet.

If You Are A Journeyman

The most common way people enter the IBEW is the Apprenticeship.  Each classification represented by IBEW 684 has an Apprenticeship Program, and there are Application processes for each.  However, many Electricians & Technicians start in the Trade unrepresented and un-affiliated with the IBEW.  We honor that experience and have provided a method for Membership for those Electrical Workers. 

       There are a couple of different ways to join the IBEW. You can come to the IBEW 684 Union Hall and meet with an Organizer, you can petition to be accepted as an individual or you can seek to organize your current employer through a traditional NLRB election. The classifications for which we have the most individual opportunities are our traditional ones: Commercial/Industrial Electrician (Journeyman Inside Wireman), Residential Electrician (Residential Wireman), and Sound & Communications Workers. If you have at least 8000 hours in any of these classifications you may qualify to challenge our journeyman examinations. You can call the union hall or e-mail the webmaster for more information.




    Why do you have to take our test when you've worked for years as a State licensed journeyman electrician? The IBEW is an international union. Not all States or Provinces of Canada have testing requirements. The IBEW has Local Unions all over North America and when you show them the membership card (your paid up dues receipt) that says Journeyman Wireman, that's all the proof of your skills and ability you'll need to seek work through that Local.

    Of course, you must still comply with whatever State or Local Government laws that apply, but your dues receipt is all you'll need for the IBEW. Also, completing the test is a requirement everywhere to sign Book I or Book II, the two Books where most employment opportunity exists.

Retire With Dignity The union advantage for retirement In the union view, being an electrician is a job for life.

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